The website and the audiovisual treasures kept within via various online and recent-tech storage gadgets … all of that is the foundation.



The B-Boy Mixers are a concept and a feeling and an experience that happened one night in 2010 at a club called Liquid in Byron Bay … it was a vibe of “you do your thing, I will do mine, and the audience will bring their good vibe.”



It was about audiovisual contemporary culture, it was about introducing the big sound of live Machinedrum to the DJ booth … happiness … adventures … fun. Rinse and repeat although not in an unchanging continuum kind of way …



When SuperGeek mixes tuff prog rock-funk custom tracks at the club, fresh from the hinterland countryside studio, mirrored onto the SD cards of two performance grooveboxes … he does it for the luv and the vibe and the sound.



This isn’t about generosity, it’s about genuine motivation to share contemporary culture with the fellow beings travelling through this planetary experience.



The tutorials section is mostly about the Machinedrum and SuperGeek’s two grooveboxes, the MC-101 and thee SP-404mkII. Other tutorial makers out there have most likely done it better, quicker and more succinctly already, although who know, perhaps SuperGeek has an angle to bring the bling of some Pure Groovebox Inspiration…



… So get on it if ya love it.


Words of inspiration or merely half-ideas...









Research and Apply

Improve and Promote; Enjoy.


More words to come later.

Alongside tracks in production are “loop and sample song kits in production”. The main loops, and the characteristic sounds isolated as one-shots, shared as 48khz 24bit quality .wav sounds for the other enthusiasts of tuff prog rock-funk worldwide. If there are any, that is to say. It isn’t even a real genre sooooo … it’s descriptive enough though so hey, yay for modular song kits coming online for free-sharing genuine generosity from SuperGeek and The B-Boy Mixers studio.


VJ Images

These are for Video Jockeys to use for real-time performance... Two formats: HD and 4K.

Transparent background .png images, 72dpi.

Drum Samples

We like the bouncy rubbery kind of bassdrum and tom-drum sound, with some articulation and definition in the snare drum. Sampling various instruments and sources, we use (mostly) subtle processing to get the sounds perfect for sequencing

"tech-rock-funk" beats and songs.


Tunes in production. Is inspiration a "world in progress" or does inspiration happen momentarily ... and if so, how many moments make up a magic temporal auditory experience?

Big Screen Visuals

HD animation loops to get some good vibes on the screens for dance events.

B-Boy Mixers Drum Loops

You will find the latest information about our company here. You will find the latest...


Cool fun ideas we found by experience, experimentation, and research. Usually about the Elektron Machinedrum Userwave mkII and the Roland MC-101.