Audiovisual Resources

VJ Images

These are for Video Jockeys to use for real-time performance... Two formats: HD and 4K.

Transparent background .png images, 72dpi.

Drum Samples

We like the bouncy rubbery kind of bassdrum and tom-drum sound, with some articulation and definition in the snare drum. Sampling various instruments and sources, we use (mostly) subtle processing to get the sounds perfect for sequencing

"tech-rock-funk" beats and songs.


Tunes in production. Is inspiration a "world in progress" or does inspiration happen momentarily ... and if so, how many moments make up a magic temporal auditory experience?

Big Screen Visuals

HD animation loops to get some good vibes on the screens for dance events.

B-Boy Mixers Drum Loops

You will find the latest information about our company here. You will find the latest...


Cool fun ideas we found by experience, experimentation, and research. Usually about the Elektron Machinedrum Userwave mkII and the Roland MC-101.