Machinedrum HiHat Tutorial #01

This shows the settings of three screens' worth of parameters, on how to make the Machinedrum FM Kit's SnareDrum sound like a (hopefully) nice cool HiHat.

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Adjusting the sound envelope parameters for different Track Types is pretty easy with some guidance to help memorise the location via the "Settings" menu.


Tone Type Track

Drum Type Track

Not applicable to the Looper Type Track.




Tunes in production. Is inspiration a "world in progress" or does inspiration happen momentarily ... and if so, how many moments make up a magic temporal auditory experience?

Big Screen Visuals

HD animation loops to get some good vibes on the screens for dance events.

B-Boy Mixers Drum Loops

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Cool fun ideas we found by experience, experimentation, and research. Usually about the Elektron Machinedrum Userwave mkII and the Roland MC-101.